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I don't know how many people still follow my page here, but it's been an interesting year since I last updated. A lot of my work lately has been either client related or posted onto my tumblr page. But I feel like I've been neglecting this account for a while and will most likely begin updating my gallery again.
So to whomever still checks in, a nice heads up and hello!
Aside from working on Issue 2 of Green Asphalt I've recently begun some work on a 2d platformer for the iOS market. The working title is Jade Sky.
Here's a rough mockup of the game.
Jade Sky Mockup by AmazingTrout

It stars a pirate lass in search of a hidden treasure:
Jade Sky Pirate by AmazingTrout
But her arch-rival, the nefarious Captain Peel and his crew is looking for it too!
Captain Peel Sketch by AmazingTrout

I'm pretty stoked about this project and more details to come very soon!
After what feels like an eternity, I have finally completed issue one of my comic! In this story Lucky the Roadkill Frog, Jimmy the Spastic Squirrel, and Sam the Psycho are lost in a foggy, deserted town that has more to it than may seem. I'm super stoked to have this done, but I don't want things to just stop here, I want to continue working on this so if anyone has questions, comments, or feedback let me know!

The comic can be purchased here at Gumroad
My rates:

$8 a character sketch.

$15 for an inked drawing

$20 for a black and white render.

$8 a background.

an extra $5  for simple colors.

$80 (adjustable) for paintings.

Prices are totally scalable and I work fast and professional. Hit me up if you have something in mind. I'll do pretty much anything, and I'm pretty negotiable.
Paypal only please.